How care about eyes?

We spend even more time with screens and artificial light. This situation influence on our sight in very bad way. In that case we need to particularly take care for our eyes.

Below a few indications how to do this in the world full of screens.

Should you go to the physiotherapist?

At first: who actually is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a person with medicine education who takes care of patient’s mobility. He or she can help with all mobility problems, muscles-aches, contusions. The physiotherapist can use kinesiology, mechanical force and movements, exercise therapy, sometimes electrotherapy to solve mobility problems and improve a patient's quality of life.

Who should be in touch with a physiotherapist?

What can cause headaches?

In this post I put only a few reasons of headaches, there is a lot of more. And what is important: I can’t diagnose you by internet. I give you only a few ideas, what can cause your problems but you definitely need to consult with a doctor.

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