How care about eyes?

We spend even more time with screens and artificial light. This situation influence on our sight in very bad way. In that case we need to particularly take care for our eyes.

Below a few indications how to do this in the world full of screens.

Sleep properly

Adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep. We should sleep in good ventilated room, without light and any sounds.

Make a break from work

This is important, especially if you work with computer. Sometimes you need to look at space, at nothing particularly. Once a hour – make 5 minutes break. Stand up, close your eyes, look through window. Breaks are good also for rest of your body: head, back or neck.

Care about a good light

If you stare at screen, don’t do this in complete darkness. Even small light can help your eyes be in better condition. Remember also about good light, when you read.

Go to the doctor

In case of any problems with your eyes – don’t wait, go to the doctor. Maybe you should wear glasses? Don’t resist, glasses can provide better quality of your sight (and whole life).

Eat properly

Did you know carrots and berries influences very good on eyes? You really should care about balanced diet. Your whole body will repay you