What can cause headaches?

In this post I put only a few reasons of headaches, there is a lot of more. And what is important: I can’t diagnose you by internet. I give you only a few ideas, what can cause your problems but you definitely need to consult with a doctor.

1. Overwork

A headache can be a signal from your body that you work too hard and need some rest.

2. Stress

It is the same situation as an overwork. You probably need some rest or maybe a holiday.

3. Migraine

The migraine is a regular, repeating headache. Sometimes you can also feel photo phobia, sounds phobia and others. In this case you need to consult with a doctor.

4. Text Neck Syndrome

It is something new, the sign of our times. We use the smartphones often, watch them with lowered heads and that posture (known also as Turtle Neck posture) causes a lot of problems, including headaches. The best way to help yourself is to go to the physiotherapist and change a posture. Pick up your phone on highness of your eyes and watch it with straight neck. It could help you.

5. Next Day Syndrome

I believe you need no comment here :). For me the best solution is to drink a lot of water with lemon and eat something greasy, for example scrambled eggs or hamburger.